Living from your Heart

          “The privilege of a lifetime is

                                            being who you are.”

~ Joseph Campbell

Can we transform our lives?

Only if we begin to understand how life works here and take full responsibility for who we are. Most of us have stumbled along doing our best. We followed the rules they said would lead to heaven; we read the book that’s promised happiness, we took the steps that were to lead to success. And yet we continued to feel something is missing.

Secretly we believe we failed. After all it couldn’t be the authorities, the books, the religions, the gurus who were wrong; who only gave us part of the story; who were like the blind men each reaching for different parts of the elephant and proclaiming the elephant to be like a wall, spear, snake, tree, fan and each proclaiming his was the right answer, yet none having actually seen the elephant.

It is so easy to believe what we perceive as the truth, it is easy to give others the responsibility for finding our answers; it has gone on since the beginning of time; but if we really seek the truth we must go beyond our perceptions. We must choose to be responsible for our lives and results; we must judge what we receive not on who gives it and how many credentials or positions they hold, not on how many testimonials they have, but on the simple question: “Does it work for me?”

 If it sounds intriguing read on…

read on.


“You truly have a gift for listening and giving fine-tuned advice. Talking with you was like talking with an old best friend who really knew me. I feel like an inner light switch has been turned on and illuminated what I’ve been ignoring for so long.”
~ Rya, Florida