More on My Upside Down World

So my favorite blog and the one I posted last on my website is my upside down world. I have found over the years that I continued to live what I wrote in that newsletter but learned to do it at deeper and deeper levels. And in that I learned it was possible to live from my heart but it was a journey to get there.

To live from my heart I had to give up all the beliefs that I was the roles I played and the identities I owned. I wasn’t coach, mentor, mother, nature lover. I was me – nothing else.

I learned that my worth and value had nothing to do with what I produces, the successes I had or even who loved me – except myself.

I learned to stop living in my mind and start really feeling what I was feeling rather than chase it away. And when I felt the feelings without judging them they weren’t as scary or awful as I feared.

It took time and courage, perseverance and self acceptance and it was so worth it because what I discovered was the myself.

Comments? Perceptions? What part of  what I wrote would you find most difficult or scary? Post on the blog, Facebook or email me. So the journey begins…

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