A Theme for the Year

wordthemeyear“How many cares one looses when one decides not to be something but someone.”
                                 ~ Coco Chanel

Among the tools I use with clients is creating a theme for the coming year.  I’ve watched themes change lives and bring richness. A theme can be the thread that holds the year together. A theme can capture the essence of what you want to add or subtract in your life,
or of who you choose to be.

While goals make us stretch broadly, themes bring us into the depth of our being, bringing us depth and richness we sometimes didn’t realize we had.

Sometimes the theme can be one attribute: beauty, patience, responsibility, authenticity. At other times it can be a phrase: attitude of gratitude, creating reserves, loving relationships, trust myself more.  Themes can be habits we want to add to our lives. Themes like integrity, authenticity, and love can grow us more deeply than what we thought was possible. Themes have a way of coloring everything we do. The important thing about a theme is that it fits you.

Now find a quiet spot. Pour yourself a cup a tea. And as you watch the steam rise ask: what theme will nourish me in the coming year?  What will bring me closer to who I want to be, to who I really am?

As you sit quietly allow the answers to come up, listen for them, invite them, welcome them.  You’ll know the right theme has arrived when you find yourself smiling or feel a burst of energy.

Another way to find your theme is to watch for it. Watch billboards, license plates, messages that you get over and over. The important piece is to allow your theme to touch you, notice what catches your attention, pulls at your heart strings or comes from within.

You can write your theme on index cards and post it notes, put them beside your bed, on your bathroom mirror, in your wallet, and your car. Any where that reminds you what it is that is most important to you.

Now list a few action steps that can help you live that theme. And as you go through the year ask before acting: does this support my theme? You’ll find decisions easier and life simpler.

Congratulations. You’re on your way to a rich new year.


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