About Nancy

I’ve spent my life looking for the answers to how life works and feel blessed to have found what I was looking for. My search took me through books, teachers, and workshops; through psychology, coaching and mentoring.

My journey has taken me from working with pre-school children to state penitentiary inmates; from goat farmers in the US to professionals in the Middle East; from Girl Scouts to CEOs.

Interacting with individuals, leaders and coaches from all parts of the world I learned how much we all have in common and how our hearts are in tune with each other regardless of our country, culture or background. In coaching I learned that I could help people (including myself) get from where they were to where they wanted to be. But I also learned that when they got there most (including me) would recreate the same problems they were trying to escape all over again, just in a different form. Like many steps on the journey, coaching answered some questions and generated more.

Wanting to go deeper, the last fifteen years of my journey has been through a life mentoring process with Living Concepts’ Human Mastery. Realizing that outer changes were temporary without inner changes and that changing beliefs is what made permanent change, I started with myself and found a new understanding of how life works and a surprising passageway back to my heart.

For the first time, I have solid answers to the questions I had asked all my life. I have tools that go to the root of the problem, practical processes to change the patterns of a lifetime. The effect on me personally has been profound. My entire life has shifted to a level of joy and freedom I didn’t know existed. Possibilities I couldn’t have imagined have opened up for me. Now I want to share the experience with you.

Today, this is what I share. As I learn to live more and more from my heart, my joy is to share with others who feel the call or the longing, and in that sharing enrich both of us. Are you ready? Come along!


“Nancy, As I was journaling this morning, I realized that two things that I’ve done in the last 8 months have moved me forward with lightning speed. One was finding you as a coach and the other was journaling. And I wanted to say Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU.”
~ Jean Dilley, Owner of Marketing Magic, LLC,  Pennsylvania

“My personal experience with Nancy Baker is that she is warm, supportive and highly skilled in asking the “right” questions that bring us back into connection with ourselves. I have experienced her personal coaching and mentoring first-hand and can vouch for its being a profoundly helpful experience. Join me in taking back your life and honoring yourself!”
~ Jean Westbrook, Owner & Founder Circle of WaterLight, Pennsylvania