Added Beauty

shutterstock_360306.previewA thing of beauty is a joy forever. It’s loveliness increases; it will never pass to nothingness.
~ Keats

I watched the sunset tonight. It was beautiful. As I watched it I thought: “Why is it so beautiful? Doesn’t it know that our world is hurting? That there is war and fear and uncertainty? Doesn’t it know to be cautious? To be careful? How can it let its beauty just spill out over this world? How can it give all it has to give?”

Quietly the answer came to me. “Why not?” “What would we save it for?” Today is the time to give fully, to be fully. To expose our beauty and joy to the world.

As darkness took over the room I stood and gave the sunset a standing ovation.

To let your beauty spill over the world: Realize you’re responsible for your own happiness or unhappiness – Choose to be happy.

Add to the beauty of someone else’s world:

  • Send a note of appreciation
  • Call someone to let them know you love them
  • Share a sunset

Add to the beauty of your own world:

  • Clean up a corner
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Enjoy something beautiful

What is the something beautiful in you that it’s time to recognize and appreciate?
What is beautiful in your world that you haven’t paid much attention to lately?
What one beautiful thing can you add to the world today?

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