Are You Ready for Love?

self-love“Where there is great love there are always miracles.
Miracles rest not so much upon faces or voices or healing power coming to us from a far off,
but on our perceptions being made finer,
so that for a moment our eyes can see and our ears can hear
what is there about us always.”
~ Willa Cather

Are You Ready for Love?

I’ve met several people recently who refuse to truly love themselves until… until they deserve it,…. until they are worthy,… until some mythical job or partner or thing happens to prove we are valuable enough to love..

Sadly, they wait in vain. This will never happen. The universe is a mirror; what we give to ourselves is what we tell the universe we are worth and what ripples back to us when we refuse to love ourselves is our miserly, withered, metered crumbs we have given ourselves, then we wonder why life treats us so badly.

What does loving yourself mean? It means accepting yourself as you are, warts and all. It means accepting just where you are, just what you’ve done, just who you’ve become. Only as we accept ourselves do we have the possibility of change. Only as we grant ourselves a space to say this is where and who I am right now, can we choose to be different. How can I change if I deny who I am and try to hide it even from myself in guilt and shame? Accepting yourself allows a great state of freedom. I am this. This is what I’ve done. And accepting that I love myself. I treat my body, mind and soul with respect, I cherish and nourish and bless all parts of me with kindness. It doesn’t mean I’ll stay that way. It doesn’t mean I don’t want something different. It just means this is who I am at the moment and I can be at peace with that. Try it. You will begin to see problems and difficulties melt away and life become a joyous experience – don’t wait.

Come to the blog and share: how do you treat yourself poorly and refuse to love yourself?
Are you willing to love yourself? What’s difficult about it?
What would you do differently if you truly loved yourself?

I‘ve learned over the years that community is powerful in creating, affecting and supporting change. For this reason I’ve started this blog where I invite you to join me in sharing your beliefs and doubts, commenting, asking for help and offering your perspective.. Sharing will give all of us reminders of things we forgot, new ideas and ways to learn about ourselves and change our lives to what we want. Won’t you join us?

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