Be Your Own Hero

“Idolizing people…  When you are not living up to your potential, it’s easy to project your positive traits
onto people who are living up to theirs.  When you start to fulfill your own dreams and goals you’ll
become less interested in what other people are doing.  We each need to become our own hero.
The only way to do this is to take back the parts of us that are plugged into someone else,
the parts of us that we have given away.

~ Dark Side of the Light Chasers…Debbie Ford


Ever looked at what other people were doing and thought: “Wow, they’re great. I could never do that.” What we don’t realize is that often what we admire in others we recognize because it is in us too. We look up to people and put them higher and higher on a pedestal when we think we have less and less chance of ever getting there.

Action, however, has magic in it.  When we decide to go after our own dreams, we become more of our potential.  Then we stop looking up, and begin to look at our heroes eye to eye…because we become one.



Who are your heroes?

What is it about them that you admire?

Where do you see those traits in you?

What one step could you take towards bringing those traits to light?






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