“I must be willing to give up what I am
to become what I can be.”
~ Einstein

chrysalysMy life has gone through many changes. What I’ve learned is that what we want is already within us. I know I’ve heard it a million times but it’s different to experience it.

We look for things outside ourselves to satisfy us yet what we really want is inside us, not outside. What each of us really wants is within us, in the true essence of who we are. It is something we have always had but in the clutter of our lives have misplaced and forgotten.

I have learned that it’s the clutter of our lives; our beliefs, issues, patterns, perceptions that keep us always seeking, never finding. As we clear these life becomes simpler, more expansive, we begin to value time for quality rather than quantity. We set fewer goals because we have more of what we want and we live more from our heart than from our head. On one hand we are more satisfied with our lives yet on the other we become more effective in what we do. A strange paradox.

Start today to look at what’s cluttering your life; old beliefs about who you are, what you are capable of, what’s possible. Write them down. Use the concept: are they logical, reasonable and rational? Part of my joy is to share what I’ve learned with people who are ready to grow and put the tools into practice. Its time to clear away all that is not of our essence. Its time to be who we’ve come to be. Join me.


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