When will you be enough?

I had a client tell me when they made the first million they would have proven something and they would be enough. They made their first million. That’s when they said they would be enough after they made their second million…

When will you be enough?

I have good news and I have bad news. First the bad news. You will never make enough money, get enough approval, be skinny enough, pretty enough, successful enough, happy enough, brave enough,  good enough, self-disciplined enough, to be enough. Nothing in this world will ever make you enough. Burst your bubble?

The reason none of that will ever make you enough is because you already are enough.

You’re enough just because you exist and the only thing that is stopping you from realizing that is your own belief system.

We chase money, success, self-growth, the next promotion, the bigger car, the bigger house, yet it’s never enough. If it were enough wouldn’t we be satisfied?

The outside can’t give us what we won’t recognize on the inside.

I’m not saying this is easy, It can be a lot of work to recognize, believe and accept you are enough.

But maybe…  just maybe…  realizing you are enough (even if you don’t believe it yet) will make you hesitate taking that road to attaining all those things for the purpose of making you feel enough. And maybe…  just maybe…  you’ll begin to look inside for what your heart wants, what it wants to do, what it would do if you believed you were enough.

You see ‘not enough’ is a core belief that most of us share. If we didn’t we would stop chasing all these things and we would live from our hearts. We would do what we love to do, we would do what makes our heart sing and not run after all of these ribbons and bows and plastic awards. Imagine how different life would be if we only did what we loved.  We would probably buy less, eat less, work less, worry less, love more, enjoy more, relax more, just imagine…

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