• Conscious Living Connection

    An open call for learning, laughing, growing and sharing.
    email Nancy for date and time

    Bring your questions, share your perspectives or just come to listen! There’s always more we can learn from each other. Using “The 55 Concepts, A Guide to Conscious Living” as a foundation, this call explores the rich possibilities they offer to live our lives from the inside out and experience more joy, peace and the essence of who we are. Whether an old friend or a new, you’re invited.

  • Concepts for Conscious Living, Living Room Groups

    Exploring our daily life and how we want to live it. Two groups:
    Havertown, PA – alternate Wednesdays, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

    Doing in-person groups is one of my favorite ways to explore life.  An intimate setting with like-minded people, what could be better? If you have a group of 6 or more people who want a better handle on how life works and the opportunity to grow exponentially and have fun doing it contact me to explore the possibilities.

  • Mastering the Art of Being Human Telephone Workshop

    In school we learned reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. In life we learn how to succeed at a job how to set goals, but we never really learn how life works. Mastering the Art of Being Human is a course that makes sense out of life. It explores the messages our own inner self sends us on how to live the life we want, how we miss them, how we can understand and translate them to live our lives in joy.

    6 consecutive Tuesdays,  9-10 pm

  • Living the Life You Want

    Clearing our blocks and learning the processes to successfully live the life we want
    New Phone Groups forming now
    •   Groups meet twice a month for 1 hour
    •  Communication with questions, comments, and sharing between calls on a private yahoo group
    •  3-month commitment
    •  One 1/2 hour private session per month can be added

    Learn more about groups here.

    For additional information and program
    details or to schedule an event for your group or organization email Nancy or call 215-328-9832.

    “It’s amazing how such simple concepts can make such a huge and positive change. Over the years, I’ve taken many courses, seminars, and workshops. But none has had the impact on my life that this one has! My life (and the choices I’ve made along the way – past and present) make much more sense to me now. I’ve learned and practice simple and practical concepts and tools that have made my life so much easier – and happier … at a profound level!
    ~ Linda O’Neill, Coach, Owner of The Inspiration Cafe, Pennsylvania

    “After your talk, I turned to my friend and said: ‘It took me 5 years of psychotherapy to figure out the first 3 concepts!”
    ~ Angie K, Pennsylvania

    “Last night’s class was great! I have experienced changes in my life, even as a beginner. I’m excited to learn that I can clear some beliefs that have held me captive most of my life!”
    ~ Diana Lewis, Boeing Company, Texas

    “Your class enabled me to see what was right in front of me. I will take that gift and run with it!.”
    ~ Donna Gross, Pennsylvania

    “You have no idea how much the 55 concepts have meant to me. During the most difficult times, I am able to handle stress so much better than pre-55 concepts. My good friend says that I am so much more ‘together’ and relaxed despite havoc all around me.”
    ~ Marie Kania, RN, Pennsylvania

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