Everybody’s a Coach

There is within each of us a potential for goodness beyond our

imagining; for giving which seeks no reward; for listening without

judgment; for loving unconditionally… Everything is bearable when

there is love.  My wish is that you try to give more people more love.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross




So often I am approached by people who say: “It must be reallyimages

rewarding to do what you do.” or “I think I may want to be a coach.

How do you get started?”  When I question people as to what they see

as rewarding or why they’d like to be a coach, most reply that they

love the idea of helping other people.  I tell them we’re all coaches

and can practice the very best of coaching with those around us every

day. Here are a few tips to get you started:

~ Encourage others.

~ Really listen.

~ Believe in potential.

~ Accept people are they are.

~ See the best that is in them.

~ Tell them what they’re doing right.

~ Let them know they have choices.

~ Applaud other’s successes.

~ Live by example.

~ Love.


and while you’re giving others the best of coaching

why not give the same gift to yourself?

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