Finding the Secrets of Life

thHow do the secrets of life remain secret with so many people talking?

There is an old story of the gods looking for a place to hide the secrets of life. They thought of the highest mountains and the deepest seas, and everywhere in between but realized man’s curiosity would take him to all those places to discover it. They finally decided to hide the secrets in the heart of man – the place he hardly ever looked…

We keep looking outside ourselves for the answers. We look to government, to business, to those “in charge.”

But as we see the answers are not there. People get frightened because they believe the world is in chaos and all those they looked to don’t know what they are doing.

But the truth is the answers are inside. What you need to do next, your security, your peace is inside of you and can be accessed regardless what is going on in the world. Clearing what blocks your clear access allows you to be peaceful and balanced regardless what goes on in the world.

That’s why the Concept says: “There are no leaders and no followers – We are each our own leader. Follow only yourself. Lead only yourself.”

 Where are you following someone or something else when you know in your heart that it’s not your way?

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