First, Have a Dream




“First, have a dream, and by a dream I mean a day dream, a glorious,
wonderful day dream. Then ask yourself, ‘What would it be like if it
were true that I am now the man I am dreaming I would like to be.
What would it be like?’ Then catch the mood of the wish fulfilled
and drench yourself with that feeling. Then for all your tomorrows try
to the best of your ability to walk faithful to that assumption, and I
am telling you from my own experience, in a way that no one knows, it
will come and it will come suddenly.”
~ Nevill


Do you have a glorious dream? A dream of what you want your life to
be? It all begins with a dream. So often we spend time thinking about
what’s not going right or what we don’t want, and we leave no space
for what we do want. When we realize we get more of what we think
about we realize we have unmined riches in our daily thoughts.

~Set a date with yourself this week
(one to two hours, on the planner, in ink).
~Find a place you can be alone with your thoughts and a notebook.
~Get comfortable and imagine what would make life perfect.
~List what you want.
~Make it big.
Imagine you have a magic wand. It can be what you want it to be.
~See yourself there.
How do you stand, how do you walk, what is the look on your face?
~Hear yourself there.
Hear the warmth of your voice, the strength, the confidence.
~Feel yourself there.
What does it feel like to be living the life of your dreams?
~Write it down.
~Now go on with your life
as though your dreams are already coming true …they are.



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