Good luck or bad luck?

Here’s a story I’ve heard many times that shows us how judgment is our own, just a perspective and not necessarily related to reality…

There was a poor farmer who had nothing but a son to help him work the farm and a horse.

One day the horse ran away. “Oh you poor man!” exclaimed the villagers. “What a horrible thing! What bad luck!!”

“We’ll see.” said the farmer.

The next day the horse returned with a herd of wild horses.

“Oh how wonderful!” exclaimed the villagers. “How lucky you are! What good fortune!!”

“We’ll see.” said the farmer.

A few days later the son broke his leg working with the wild horses.

“Oh, how sad!” said the villagers. “What a tragedy!”

“We’ll see.” said the farmer.

The next day the army came through and took all the able bodied young men off to war and they were never seen again. The farmer’s son they left because he was useless to them with a broken leg…



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