I’ll Be Happy When…

*As people honor the actions they value most – by doing them – they become more authentic, more reliable, more self-disciplined.  They grow to trust themselves more; they learn to listen to their own inner voice as a steady, truthful and strengthening guide for what to do next and even how to do it.
~Marsha Sinetar…Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow   


ill-be-happy-when-life-quotes-sayings-picturesWould life be happy if only? If only the house would stay straightened? If only you had a romantic partner? If only the boss wasn’t so demanding?

Or maybe your life will be happy after.  After the kids are grown, after this project is done, after things settle down.

Often the ‘if only’s’ happen, and it gets to be ‘after’ and we find ourselves creating new ‘if only’s’ and ‘afters’ with the sneaky suspicion that regardless what happens we won’t be happy, that its not life that has to change but us.

What are the actions you value most?  Is it taking care of you body? Reading bedtime stories? Taking a family vacation? Making less promises and keeping more? Slowing down? Having time to think?

We honor the actions we value most by doing them. The actions we value most are those in integrity with who we want to be.  By honoring those actions, by doing them we become more congruent. Our actions are in line with who we want to be. Happiness, contentment, fulfillment blossom. Each step leads to another, the benefits are endless.



Try it. You’ll see.
What are you telling yourself will be different ‘if only’ or ‘after’?
What is it you’ll change?
What will be different about life then?
What will be different about you?
Will you be happier, more generous, less critical?
What would happen if you started to be that person right now?
What one step can you take today?


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