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tumblr_o03nn5UTjV1uprl4ko1_500 “All the complexities and relationships in my life – with my bosses and co-workers –
the one purpose behind everything was for me to see myself.
I got to see how I interacted, my assumptions, and my interpretations of life.
As far as I was concerned, the world was talking to me through everyday life.
The world was my way of having a conversation with God in the theatre of the soul.”
~  Carol Adrienne, The Purpose of Life

I don’t know about you, but I spent a lot of my life wondering what I was doing here, what was it that I was to do with this thing called life that was given me. I spent a lot of time looking for answers in books, in teachers, in those who I believed had wisdom beyond mine. Now I laugh to see that the answers were all around me all the time.

Everyone who annoyed me or set me off was showing me parts of myself that my soul was ready to change. Every challenging person gave me the possibility of seeing my beliefs, my perceptions, the way I limited myself. Everything I recoiled from revealed a part of myself ready to be loved back into my heart. But I ignored these clues, pushed them aside, believing they were only distractions and hindrances rather than seeing them for the precious gifts they were.

I was like the man in the old story that sold his beautiful property and went afar searching for diamonds. Luckily, unlike him, rather than dying cold and alone in a foreign country while a huge diamond mind was found on the property I sold, I learned in time the value of my own landscape, and have the opportunity to live in my own self and see the treasure that lies all around me.

Who annoys you? What is she here to teach you? What role have you asked her to play in your cosmic drama so you can find the hidden richness in yourself? Don’t curse her. Thank her. Give her an Emmy. She had you fooled for a while… you thought she was real….

Who or what  challenges you? See how your own limiting beliefs keep you from seeing the wealth hidden in this gem. What is it you’re believing that keeps you stuck?

What is it that you pull back from or judge harshly? It is your mirror. Your judgment is what makes you see it as bad or wrong or ugly. Until we forgive all (including ourselves), until we cease judgment we can’t see the beauty of all. Look again. Look with love and forgiveness. Look at how somewhere this is a reflection of some part of you and then love that part back.

If you can’t figure out where it’s yours and you really want to know you can write here and/or  Conscious Living Facebook group  and ask or share.

Meanwhile as Carol says: “Listen to what your world is telling you. Have a conversation with God in the theatre of your soul.”


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