Listening to Your Soul“There is no more important injunction in all the world, nor one with a deeper interior meaning than “To thine own self be true.” In other words, be true to your own soul, for it is through your own soul that the voice of God speaks to you. This is the interior guide. This is the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world. This is conscience. This is intuition. This is the voice of the higher self, the voice of the soul, the voice of God.”
~ Ralph Waldo Trine, In Tune with the Infinite


I wrote last month about pursuing the dream, the meaning of life, the something missing.

I have found in my work and my life that the dream, the meaning, the sense of something missing is our soul’s way of speaking to us. People ask: “What is the purpose of life?” Then run around seeking gurus, taking workshops, reading books, completely ignoring what their own soul is saying. We get very, very busy to cover up the still, small voice inside of us. We create problems in our lives or take on someone else’s if we don’t have enough of our own to drown the voice.

“I don’t have time!” you say… “After this crisis is over!” you say… and time goes on. More busyness, more crisis. What did you promise yourself last year you would attend to after… after things slowed down at work, after the kids got over the flu, after you cleaned you desk… Have you kept your promise? Or are you in the same place? Different set same script?

“Ok.” you say. “I get it.” you say. “But how? Where do I start?”

First step: Look at what you’re doing and ask if it is working up to your standards. If so, you’re done. If not, decide if you are ready to commit to change.

Step two: Choose some time every day; morning, evening, lunch. You can start with 15 minutes with the idea of adding time when you choose.

Step three: Get a journal or a file in your computer that you will use for just this purpose.

Step four: Get clear what it is you want to change, what you want more of, less of or different. Write them down.

Step five: Ask:
“If I were really true to myself what would I do about this?”
“If my soul would advise me on this, what would it say?”

Step six: Listen and write down your answers.

Congratulations! The adventure has begun.


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