Living the Question

cf9159c05c338d293cc57fa176468d6b“The power of the question lies not so much in the answer but in the

state of consciousness that it opens up.  By asking a question, you

let go of thinking you know the answer…  If you can sincerely ask a

question, you open up space in which a new solution can emerge.”

~ Conscious Loving, Gay & Kathryn Hendricks



In Western culture we spend much time looking for and wanting to

have the right answer.  We think everything will be all right if

only we find the perfect answer.


Our lives however, are shaped more by the questions we ask and

those we fail to ask, than the answers we find. A question can

be the ‘Quest-I-on’. There are worlds to explore when we learn

to just sit with the question. Its a place of self-discovery.


Choose one or two questions to write in your journal or on a blank

page. Let your mind savor them, roll them around, play with them for a

couple weeks. Let loose your imagination. Write down your responses.

You’ll find new possibilities that will give you a lifetime of wonder.


What gives my life meaning?

What would I do if I were 10 times bolder?

What gives me delight?

If I had three wishes what would they be?

What would change if I decided to have a rich and fulfilling life?

What would I regret having left undone if it were the end or my


What gift do I have to share that can make the world a better place?

What am I willing to do today towards having the life I want?


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