Loving & Approving of You

confidence-quotes-photos-2-15de9d4c“Loving and approving of yourself, creating a space of safety,

trusting, deserving and accepting; will create organization

in you mind, create more loving relationships in your life,

attract a new job and a new and better place to live, and

even enable your body weight to normalize.”

~ Louise Hay


Pretty big promises aren’t they?   And yet in my coaching I watch over and over again as people take better care of themselves and make time for nurturing themselves their whole world changes.  New careers show up, relationships improve, sales increase, solutions to problems appear, life seems simpler. As we give ourselves time and attention we rediscover who we are.  By taking time to ask what delights us we get back in touch with our dreams and get clearer about where we want to go in life and who we want to be. As we become clearer things begin to fall into place.

Taking good care of ourselves allows us to blossom and become more of our authentic self.  We all know how the world changes when we fall in love. Fall in love with yourself again – and watch the magic happen.


Take time to ask : “What nourishes me?”

Set aside a sacred time each week that’s just for you.

I’d love to hear your results!


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