Making a Difference

all-about-me1Do you want to make a difference? Contribute to others?

I’ve found the secret – work on yourself first

What is it you want for others? Peace? Joy? Love? Make a list of all those things you’d want for someone else. Now go back to your list. Where do you have it? If you don’t how can you get it?

Life is a mirror and what we want for others we want for ourselves. The best way to give it to others is to attain it ourselves and then we can share how to get there by both our experience and our example.

I know teachers who are broke who teach prosperity, writers whose lives are falling apart who write on having a great life, organizers who can organize everyone but themselves. Effective? You’ve taken the courses and read the books. You tell me how they worked.

While we each teach what we most need to learn, the question is are we learning it? We can’t give to others what we don’t have. As long as we’re open we can teach and learn at the same time. What often happens is that we pretend we already have it and then waste a lot of energy trying to maintain the façade – the energy that should be going into learning what we teach and preach.

How do we begin? Taking the courses and reading the books is fine. The trick is in being open to the messages, taking them in, and then checking inside ourselves as to whether they resonate, whether they work. Whether the resistance we have is something we have to work on or because the idea is not one that will work for us.

Want others to experience peace? Where are you not peaceful?



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