Making Space


From a past newsletter:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.
As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

I was teasing my husband the other day as we were bringing home his new TV. I shared with him my theory that getting the new TV was a direct result of cleaning out the clutter in his office. He just shook his head, its not the first time he’s heard me say such things.

There’s something special about stopping, looking around, and getting conscious about what to keep and what to let go of in your life.

My son, Sean is post production coordinator for the reality TV show “Clean Sweep.” (For all you parents who look into your children’s room, can’t see the floor to walk through and wonder what’s growing under the bed, let this be assurance that your children will grow up, have organization skills to deal with the world and may even surprise you). In Clean Sweep the people start out with the idea of having a livable, enjoyable, beautiful living space. With that thought in mind they remove all the contents from the room and begin to sort into three piles “Keep,” “Sell” and “Toss.” They have 30 minutes and usually not much gets tossed in this round.

The second round they’re reminded of what they want their space to look like and asked to keep only what they really, really can’t part with. Its amazing how much more goes.

Its important that we do this from time to time with our physical space. Its also important to do for our mental and soul space. What are the things you want to keep in your life? What are things it may be time to let go of?

Are your relationships worth keeping? Do you need to clean them up or replace some that have disintegrated into whining and complaining?

Is your integrity worth keeping? Do you need to pare down your promises so you can increase the number kept? Get rid of gossip? Reupholster your ability to speak only the truth without exaggeration?

What about your schedule? Have you taken on more than comfortably fits? Should some of your responsibilities move off of your calendar? Do you have enough space to really enjoy living?

Are there good things that its time to let go of? Special desserts? Favorite TV shows? Shopping for more clothes, books, or CDs?

Is there room in your life for love? Joy? Beauty? Fun? For connecting to your spirit?

I find it interesting that as the people on the show get rid of things they’ve had for a long time, some they even love, they still have no idea what their new space will look like. They move forward, clearing out on faith.

At the end of the show they come back to their newly redecorated space that holds only those things they most cherish and has room to grow. They are amazed at the results.

I find myself at a place in life that asks for a pause, a clean sweep. I let go of things that don’t matter and things that do. Things that I’ve outgrown and things I’ll always love. I have no idea what I’m making space for. I move forward clearing out on faith.

I’ve done this many times before. Often in fear. Fearing that during my pause I would miss out on something, that I would toss away something I’d need tomorrow. Fear that I was making a mistake and should just keep it all – you know – just in case…

But I have learned that each time I clear, each time I pause and listen to the deep, small voice inside I am rewarded with an abundance of good things I couldn’t have imagined when my life was so full of other things. So this time I pause, and clear with joy and anticipation. Having no idea what my newly redecorated space will look like but having faith that just like the couples on Clean Sweep I’ll jump up and down and be delighted with the result.

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