Mistake or Discovery?

we-dont-receive-wisdom-we-must-discover-it-for-ourselves“I discover, I realize and I become wise.  There are no mistakes.  There is discovery, realization and wisdom.  Then, the process begins again.  Discoveries, realizations and wisdom, allow yourself to have that process because after you become wise, then you can create.  But without discoveries and without realizations, you will not be able to gain your wisdom and a true creator creates out of wisdom.”
~  Michael Cavallaro, www.livingconcepts1.com


Have you ever looked closely at what you call a mistake? Usually it’s when what you do has an outcome you don’t want.  So let’s look at the logic. You do something you assume at the time will get you the results you want. If it does you think you did it right; if it doesn’t you say you made a mistake.

Sometimes one has nothing to do with the other. You forgot your umbrella and it rains. Does it rain because you forget our umbrella? (I know some of you believe this!)

Other times you don’t know the outcome until you try. So what you do is not a mistake, it’s a discovery – a discovery that you want to do it the same way or differently next time. The problem isn’t in what you do, it’s in what you label it.

If I believe I make a lot of mistakes, I’m discouraged from trying again. I can get immersed in the idea of having made a mistake and miss the realization of what happened and never gain the wisdom. But if I believe I’m making discoveries it can be fun to experiment and learn more; and I’ll try over and over again. Discovery -> Realization -> Wisdom. Same action but different words, beliefs and outcomes. One leads to a dead end, the other to creation. Which will it be for you?


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