Moving too fast?


“The harder you chase something, the faster you go — and the less you’re able to let life meet life. If you’re having difficulty coming up with new ideas, then slow down … Creativity exists in the present moment. You can’t find it anywhere else.”
– Natalie Goldberg, author


Picture yourself taking a walk. An experience comes to mind that was unpleasant,
do you move faster or slower?

Picture yourself taking a walk. You want to remember something important,
do you move faster or slower?

We speed up to forget and slow down to remember. Slowing down we reflect, refresh, renew. Slowing down we come back into the present.

So if you’re feeling forgetful or lacking creativity lately…

Put aside all the things you have to do –
(or write them down if you’re afraid you’ll forget)!


Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Exhale slowly.


And again.



Repeat as needed….

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