My Master’s Class

Saw an article about Oprah having a show called “Master’s Class.” Its about lessons and stories from people she sees as having impacted the world. Nice. But something is missing.

Is it only the big names who are known to millions who impact the world? Are they truly the world changers? Do they have our answers or maybe just their own answers? I believe its time for a new world order of masters. A master is one who lives his or her life from their joy. One who has defined who they are and who they want to be from their own values and enthusiasms.

In my Master’s Class I’d have Siri. She has spent the last year designing and building a “green” house with her husband. She works daily on the gardens to beautify the land. She’s designated 2013 the “year of fun.” She is my idea of a master.

We can’t all be Oprah’s or any who will appear in her Master Class, but when we live from our joy we become an example of what’s possible for all.

Maybe what you’re supposed to do with the rest of your life is what you are doing or if you don’t like what you’re doing maybe its to find what your heart calls for and enjoy it. Over the past few years I have redefined productive. Productive is creating a life I love. When I do that I give others the courage to do it too. What better service is there?

Would delight in hearing your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “My Master’s Class

  1. Thanks Gwyn. Doing your piece is being your own master. What Oprah does is for Oprah, what we do is for us.

  2. Nancy

    A breath of fresh air – your thoughts on Masters. As a self help devotee and workshop devotee for YEARS I am slowly learning, (often by trial and error), that my own guru within is worth listening to.

    I still enjoy hearing and sharing varied points of view because tho I have a wise guru within, experimenting with new input can be broadening (particularly where there is an old tape blockage). But now I know I have the last word.

    Permission to re-define productivity is really an expansive concept. Lots to think about there- very liberating!

    thanks Nancy for being willing to instigate and play in the “out of the box” territory.


    1. Chris,

      Sharing various points of view… masters sharing with masters… each sharing their gifts… each choosing what they want from the banquet before them. Beautiful!

  3. I agree Nancy. I think our future depend on more Siri’s and lesser known Masters. I am trying to do my piece and I see many others doing that same. In Oprah’s world I guess it is hard to get past the big names, but my hope for her is that her new network will bring some smaller names out in time. I would have you in my Master’s class.

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