Living the life you want?
If not …. what are you waiting for?

A range of services to enrich your life.

Individual sessions

Private individual sessions, in person or over the phone, designed to assist you in clarifying what it is you do want and to help you clear the blocks that keep you from living it. Tailored to meet your needs and dreams. Fees $150 to $200/hour depending on the plan.  Schedule a complimentary, exploratory session to assess if mentoring is right for you.

Group sessions

These powerful sessions draw on the synergy of the group to grow, explore, learn, and create rich new possibilities.  Groups forming now or form your own. Invite five friends  or associates to participate with you, double your learning and halve your cost. Learn more about the benefits of participating in a group here. Call or email to see if one is available to fit your life.

Spot sessions

Sometimes you’re just stuck. You don’t need or aren’t ready for full-time sessions, you just need something to help you move again.

Spot Sessions can be extremely helpful when you’re…

~ faced with a new challenge

~ are feeling like there must be more

~ feel stuck and need a new perspective

~ want more out of life

~ aren’t sure about your next step

These can be scheduled at anytime, sometimes in less that 24 hours, 15 minute ($60), 1/2 hour ($110) and hour ($200) phone sessions as well as e-mail sessions available.

Seminars, Workshops, and Keynote addresses

Seminar, workshop, and keynotes available for groups and organizations. Topics and prices available upon request


Customized to meet your individual  needs or the needs of your group or organization.

In person and telephone classes

Classes that cover the basics of removing blocks and beginning to live the life you want. Those open to the public. Classes can also be customized for your group or organization.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available in varying denominations to suit your gift giving preferences.

To schedule a free exploratory session, get started, or for additional information: email Nancy or call: 215-328-9832 today.

“Well if it sounds like a kid in a candy shop is writing you that is exactly how I feel. It’s not all peaches and cream but I am having a great time. I want you to know that I am very proud of myself for having the courage to make this change and I want to thank you for helping me. When we started working together I told you I wanted to change my career but what we ended up doing was changing my job, my outlook, my attitude, and my life. You have made a powerful impact”
~ Lynn Sharer, Real Estate Broker, Pennsylvania

“I just want you to know that you matter…in the last 3 years I’ve been going to your groups I have learned a lot about how people matter to each other. I sometimes have very strong ideas about certain subjects, but listening to other peoples view during our discussions has made me stop and think about other ways to view ideas.

Your caring attitude and positive outlook makes the group meetings a valuable tool for life in learning to share ideas. I know sometimes I have a lot to say and then I hear others points of view and think to myself “Why didn’t I think about that!” I always go into work the next day telling anyone who will listen what I learned the night before. These groups have enriched my life…thank you Nancy.”
~ Mary Hunter, FedEx, Pennsylvania

“In one hour you helped me tremendously! I can only imagine the impact you must have on your clients over time. I would have no hesitation recommending you to my own clients and friends. Thank you so much for sharing your unique and wonderful talent with me this morning.”
~ Julie Mercer, Columbia Consulting Group, Maryland