I am awed by the magic of what happens when people come together in a safe, non-judgmental environment, where they feel connected and valued for who they are. It’s the perfect environment for people to release their fears and doubts and to blossom into the dreams and joys of their life.

I hear from many a yearning for community, a place to share the deepest part of ourselves, learn ways to create what we love, and have the support from people who are on the same path. Being part of a group answers this yearning.

Benefits of participating in a group

• Gain new perceptions and perspectives
• Tap into the collective wisdom of the group
• Shared resources
• Gain momentum from the energy of the group
• Affordable – less than 1/2 the cost of individual sessions

In person groups
Conscious Living Groups – Exploring living a life we love with ease, joy and confidence.

In person groups  Havertown, PA – alternate Wednesdays, 10:30am-12:30pm

Form your own group with 6 or more people.

New phone groups forming now
• Groups meet twice a month for one hour
• Communication with questions, comments and sharing between calls on a private yahoo group
• 3 month commitment
• One 1/2 hour private session per month can be added

In these group you will:

• Learn tools to THRIVE and prosper
• Connect with your true self
• Let go of judgments and beliefs about right and wrong
• Break away from old patterns that continually result in self-sabotage
• Learn how to separate facts from story for peace of mind
• Move beyond your fear, resentment, blame and anger
• Create a new reality – one of your choosing
• Explore ways to be by yourself and with yourself – and love it!
• Gain a better understanding of yourself and others and why we do the things we do
Have fun!

If life isn’t the way you want it and you don’t know what to do to get it there, this may be your answer.

If you have questions or would like a private consultation to see if this is right for you email me today.

* have 6 or more friends or associates who want to expand their world? Learn ways to become more productive and efficient? Set up a private group tailored to your specific purpose!


“You guys all make me feel so much better about things…and myself. I think joining this group was the best investment I’ve made in my entire life.”
~ Annette, Pennsylvania

“I made everything in my life perfect: my home, my kids, my husband, everything and I was still depressed. By finding our group, I have learned to find or see the joy in my life.  I think the joy was always there, I was just blind to it.”
~ Ashley Smith, Pennsylvania

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