” I believe we are leaving the information age. That the age we are coming into is one where we get what we think about at a much quicker rate, When things come to us therefore we must consciously remove our blocks and our limited thinking to be clear about what we truly want.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

People ask what I do and there’s a part of me that wants to say, “I don’t know!” Yet I realize that what I mean by that is I have no idea what tools or processes we’ll use together and the reason is that what I really do is listen to your heart. What is it your heart wants? What’s standing in the way? What can clear the block? I believe that what is in our heart is what we are here to do and what will truly give us joy.

What changes are possible with mentoring?
You can:

  • Learn tools to successfully navigate life
  • Become the person you love to be
  • Connect clearly to your inner wisdom
  • Express your natural gifts and talents
  • Open to more options and possibilities in your life
  • Experience true freedom
  • Improve relationships
  • Face and dissolve fears and blocks
  • Live in joy

Is the change you are creating the change you want?

You are always in the process of creating change. The difference between conscious change and unconscious change is that unconscious change comes from your thoughts and beliefs. You formed most of your beliefs before the age of seven, many are still unconscious. So those changes that aren’t what you are aiming for and not what you want are usually the unconscious ones leading you away from what you desire but towards your hidden beliefs.

Though you strive to create what you want by goal setting, visualizing, affirming, etc., the moment you let down your will power, all those beliefs lying beneath the surface (the ones that you lodged in at an early age and believed for most of your life) flood in and create something different from what you want.

Mentoring uses a variety of tools to assist you in changing beliefs at a core level so that rather than percolating under the surface, they can be permanently neutralized, making room for you to consciously choose the change you want without needing your will power to stand guard in order to keep what is in the unconscious from coming up.

What is it your heart wants? What does it call for? What will bring you the joy, peace and love you long for? When you clear the beliefs standing in the way and choose from the heart, the magic and mystery of life becomes real and you become truly alive.

Here’s how it works.


“I wake up each day feeling lighter, freer, with options, skills and new ways of looking at long-held (I am in my 50’s), limiting beliefs. Life’s “yoke” is being replaced with possibility, self-knowledge, self care – blossoming. I’ve attended countless workshops, read loads of self help books and they helped some. But finally, Nancy’s work gets me to the heart of the issues and has created behavior changes and manifestations I could not have imagined.”
~ Chris Pepper, New Jersey

“I can tap 10% of my best insights by myself. Working with Nancy enables me to tap the other 90%. She possesses wisdom, grace, and love in extraordinary quantities. Having her as my coach is one of the most delightful parts of life.”
~ Tim Pearson, Executive Coach, Alaska

“For all the skeptics out there; guardian angels DO exist. I have proof positive as I have met mine and her name is Nancy Baker. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for being my lifeline and allowing me to “walk around, take a look, reverse, and walk around again” with unfailing patience, encouragement and guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart……………….”
~ Marie Thompson, Risk Manager, GMAC, Pennsylvania

“What a year this has been….as I reflect, I must take this opportunity to thank you. I reflect each day…I breathe…..I exhale and I become a better friend, listener, lover, and person . I feel so lucky to have been able to have you step into my life…I think that in life we are stuck too often in a chaotic world that never enables us to take a moment and truly look inward…I was able to do that with your support and I have been able to savor the moment. Thank you for your kind words, your simple logic and your ear.”
~ Anne Dame, Pennsylvania

“I’ve taken classes in everything from bookmaking to photoshop. I’ve lost 22 pounds in the last 6 months by just eating better and moving more. I’ve cleaned out the attic. My workload is lightened and I’ve passed on work to others that I’m not interested in doing. People notice the change and love how my eyes light up when I tell them about you and the process we went through. I smile a lot! You’ve help launch a happy camper — I’ll always be grateful.”
~ Jan Boyd, Owner of Jan Boyd Calligraphy, Massachusetts