Some People Are Rich

An article from a past newsletter:

“There are people who have money and people who are rich.”
~ Coco Channel

3f05eaec7c75fe48d1f4e0fffdda2322This morning I opened my e-mail to find a picture sent to me from a friend who is traveling. It was  a picture of luscious fruits and berries from the Russian countryside. How rich I am to have such a friend! 

Last week we spent time at the ocean with my husband’s family. We ate, we talked, we lounged, we shopped. We played with babies, and told stories of memories that made us laugh till we cried. We created new memories and shared all with the younger generation so they have stories to pass on. How rich I am in family and memories! 

As I look at the hydrangeas on my desk from my sister in-law’s garden., How rich I am in beauty! 

As I talk to clients I realize how rich I am to have a job I love. 

Rich is sleeping with the windows open on a gloriously cool night in the middle of a hot muggy summer.

In Bali a rich man is one who has a great deal of leisure time, time to entertain his friends, time to play music and do art.

Rich is not about having great possessions. Rich is about enjoyment. It’s about appreciation. It’s about taking the time to savor what we have.

Rich can be a dip in the pool on a hot afternoon, a good book read on a porch swing, a satisfying project. Rich is teamwork on the job or on the playing field. Rich is having someone to share our thoughts and dreams with.

“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love” wrote Goethe.
What are you fashioned by?
Where are you rich?
What are you willing to appreciate and savor about your life?
What do you love?

Think about:
Your health
Your home
What nourishes you
Where you find beauty
Having an income
What gives you satisfaction

Defining and living a rich, abundant life can start today, just look around you.


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