Space for Your Life



Remember, a high quality life has far more to do with what you remove from your life than what you add to it.
                                            ~ Cheryl Richardson


Remember when you were a kid and wandered in to mom whining, “I don’t have anything to do.” It’s been a long time since then!

Most of us can barely imagine ever having such a thought. Today having nothing to do would be a luxury. We fill our days so full we have little time to think or sometimes even choose what to do next. Life is scheduled and if something cancels something else quickly fills the gap. Are we really living better?

It seems ironic that we work longer and longer hours to have a better life and yet the hours we work are often exhausting and take away from the quality of our lives.

True richness is having time to do what you want, time that’s unscheduled and free to persue what interests you (I know you’re too tired to know what interests you. That’s another newsletter)! How do you get it?

Get rid of stuff. Most of us have much more stuff than we’ll ever use. Stuff requires storing and clearing, moving and cleaning, the less we have of it the more time we have.

Unsubscribe. Newpaper, magazines, newsletters (yes, even this one if it doesn’t nourish you!). Get your name off mailing and phone lists. Let your friends know that while you love hearing from them personally you would like to be removed from all their chain letters and warning lists.

“To Do” or not to do. Yes, it’s on your list and no, that doesn’t mean it has to be done. Some things can be delegated, some delayed, and some just ignored. Who’s in charge- you or the list?

Schedule white space. Instead of scheduling appointments back to back, instead of giving yourself exactly as much time to get somewhere as mapquest says it takes, instead of fitting everything possible into a very short time – give yourself some space. White space in a picture or on a written page makes it more beautiful, easier to look at because things aren’t so crammed. We can do this in our physical space as well as with our time.

Just say “no.” No you don’t want to go to another shower, bake for the next bake sale, volunteer to drive carpool for the third time this week. No, you don’t want to go shopping for more stuff you don’t need. No. No. No. It takes practice.

The more you remove the better you get at it. And what do you do with all that extra time and space? You’ll have the urge to fill it, I guarantee. Lots of possibilities will show up. You’ll be tempted. But if you’re really wise you’ll do nothing – absolutely nothing. Now that’s luxury.


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