Stuff Happens

“Live enough of what you’ve always dreamed of doing and there’s no room left for feeling bad.”

~ Richard Bach, Running from Safety


318958Stuff happens. Stuff is always happening. So often we think we’ll get started tomorrow when today’s stuff isn’t happening. 

Tomorrow, when we don’t have a headache. Tomorrow, when the kids aren’t cranky. Tomorrow, when we don’t have so much to do. Tomorrow has a way of becoming the next day, and the next day, and the next day. Stuff continues to happen every single day. 

Unfortunately, what holds us back is often not play or having fun. What holds us back is life. Stuff. Life is so full of stuff. It’s just so daily. One day after another, one situation, one obstacle, one joy. 

We’ll start when we get past this one more thing. When we’re not working overtime, when soccer season is over, when we finish painting the house, when George settles into his new job. Before we know it we’re through one more year.

No richer, perhaps a bit more poorer. No sense of achievement, just a feeling of being on a never ending treadmill. Nothing put away for the future so we’re always playing catch up. Time keeps moving on, unmoved by whether or not we’ve reached our goals and dreams. 

Are you looking forward to more of the same stuff? You are if you’re waiting for tomorrow before you get started. Situations and obstacles are a part of life. So is joy. The kid that brought you to your wits end this morning is the child who will bring tears of joy tonight. The project that made you want to tear your hair out is the one your most proud of. Much as you hated getting started figuring out your finances, you’re now excited about the possibilities. 

Someone once said that God only gives you challenges you can be trusted to solve, (I have on occasion asked God to be a little less trusting of me!) People who make it in any endeavor are people who make it in spite of (or sometimes because of) all the challenges life hands them. No one ever made it because they had no problems. 

Most of us say: I’m busy today. I’ll deal with today today and tomorrow tomorrow. Those who reach their dreams say: I’m busy today, but I know if I don’t look at what I want for tomorrow and do something towards it today I won’t have anything different than I have now. So they make time. 

Are you reaching the goals and dreams you set for this year? Or did stuff get in your way? Do you have goals and dreams for the future? Do you want something different than you have today? As you make your resolution for things to be different, resolve to be good to yourself. Resolve not to let stuff get in your way. Resolve to make some time each day to get a little closer to your dreams. You do deserve it. 

There are such rich possibilities in life once we go beyond the stuff. Possibilities we can’t even imagine until we take steps towards them. I can’t predict whether you’ll reach your dreams or not, but one thing I can predict is that stuff is going to happen… every day… all year long. 

Take time to dream.
Add something beautiful to your life.
Make a positive choice.
Be present – now. 


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