The Power of Words

“The power of word is real whether or not you are conscious of it.
Your words are  the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize.
Behind every word flows energy.”
                                 ~ Sonia Choquette  



images.duckduckgo.comHave you ever listened to what you say? You heard me right. Not to what others say, but to what you say.  

What are the things you’ve said?
“I’m too busy.”
“I don’t have enough time, money, energy.”
“Life’s not fair.”
“I can’t win.”
“It’s hopeless.”
“I’m trapped.”
“Things won’t ever change.”
“This always happens to me.”

What we say strongly affects our mood.When we speak negatively we believe ourselves, and feel hopeless and helpless.

Experiments have been done that prove that being in a positive mood affects our performance. In his book “Absolute Happiness” Martin Seligman mentions 3 experiments done with mood. Each involve two groups. One group encourage to think happy thoughts, or are given a small gift, the other given a neutral suggestion.  In every case, (subjects ranged from internists to 4 year olds) those who put themselves is a pleasant mood increased their intellectual and creative abilities.

Barbara Fredrickson, from the University of Michigan, who has studied positive emotions states that when we are in a positive mood, people like us better, and we more easily cement friendship, love, and partnerships.She says when we’re in a positive mood we are more expansive, tolerant and creative.

Now its not like I’m telling you anything you don’t know. Its just that for some reason we listen better when something has been scientifically proven.

How do you change?

One powerful technique is to become your own observer. To observe what it is you say or do. Once we become aware of how we act automatically we become conscious and can
change our actions from a place of choice.

Listen to what you say each day. Stop several times a day to write down the messages you verbalize and the ones you don’t.Decide what messages you want to keep and which ones you want to let go of. Sometimes we’re not ready to instantly change negative messages to positive ones and we need a transition such as “its hopeless” to “what if there was a solution?”  Such transitions allow us to move step by step into a more positive frame of mind. 

As children we chanted “What you say is what you are.”  It seems we were wiser than we knew. Change your words change your life.  Isn’t it worth a try?  



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