The Sacred in the Ordinary


“The great lesson from the true mystics, from the zen monks… is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one’s daily life, in one’s neighbors, friends, and families, in one’s back yard, and that travel may be a flight from confronting the sacred – this lesson can be easily lost. To be looking everywhere for miracles is to me a sure sign of ignorance that everything is miraculous.”
~ Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences…Abraham Maslow


We return to daily life. Gone are the lazy days of summer, time for the kids to go back to school, fall schedules start. Back to the ordinary. But do you see it? Really see it? Crisp cool days, billowy clouds, school buses, routines that have become the melody of our lives. The days grow shorter, life changes yet remains the same.

Stop for a moment and think…. What are the miracles in your life? Health? Love?

A tree in the yard? A friend?   The computer you’re reading this on?

Books, libraries, and bookstores have always been miracles for me. Being able to connect to the wisdom and knowledge of masters in every field, in every time, in every place in the world. To hear their thoughts as they wrote them. To pick and choose who I want to know more about, to compare their ideas, and hear their stories, on every shelf people share their worlds. Wow.

Look today for the precious miracles in your own life and feel the wonder and gratitude.

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