Time, time, time, time…
“There is no time.”
“I have no time.”
“It’s almost time.”
“We’re out of time.”
“Where did the time go?”
“Is it time yet?”

Have you ever experienced time dragging? Speeding up? Time doesn’t actually do that; we do it to ourselves by the way we interact with life. When we’re always rushing and putting out fires guess what we always get? More fires. When we come from what we enjoy, what we’re excited about, everything fits in and we have plenty of time.

What are you doing with your now ‘time’? How are you spending it?

Michael Cavallaro talks about this planet being “Amusement Park Earth. ” What ride are you on? Are you enjoying it? We are not human doings we are here as human beings. Imagine going to a theme park and rushing around saying, “I only have this much time.” and jumping on as many amusements as possible and stressing and straining while you’re on each about how long it’s going to take and how are you going to get done and what ride you’re getting on next instead of enjoying the ride.

Some people tell me wistfully what they’ll do when they have the time. How are they going to get it I ask? Will they borrow it, pay for it, or get it on ‘time’ where they’ll have to pay the piper at a later time?

How do you judge time? By the number of chores you’ve accomplished? Things you’ve crossed off your to-do list? Money you’ve earned? Titles you’ve amassed? Relationships you’ve enriched? The enjoyment you’ve experienced?

When I first started coaching before I found mentoring I would give people lists of things they could do to slow down and enjoy life but I found they were just crutches and usually worked only temporarily. What I realized when I started mentoring is that if you don’t change the beliefs you have about time you just start to panic or speed up somewhere else in your life.

Most of us have beliefs like “There’s not enough time.” “There’s time for me later.” “After this one more thing…” “When the kids grow up…” “When I retire…” Having worked with people at all stages of life I can tell you none of this is true. When you have these beliefs you just keep creating ‘one more thing’ until the end of your days.

What are your beliefs about, “It must be perfect?” “I don’t have time?” “I’m overwhelmed?”  “It’ll never end?” These keep you locked onto the treadmill permanently. Find your beliefs about time and realize they are just beliefs and you can change them. It’s time to enjoy your life now. What would you do if you had ‘time’?

Do you believe me? Share your thoughts and the beliefs you discover about time on this blog I’ve updated, on the Facebook Conscious Living PageTwitter, or email me. Imagine what life could be … if you had the time.

Again, I filled a month of facebookConscious Living Page which goes to Twitter. with quotes on time. Enjoy them … if you have the time…

For fun, (and because I had plenty of time), I looked up “Time” on google. Seems getting a deal in time is still fiction. Here’s my favorite headline: Shop In Time: Find Deals on In Time in Sci-Fi DVDs on Amazon.

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