Touching One Another“If one life shines, the life next to it will catch the light.”


Work done in chaos theory suggests that a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo can affect the weather in New York. It’s the idea that countless small acts add up to have an enormous effect. Isn’t that true in our lives too? The smile of a stranger lightens our thoughts, a courteous sales person brightens our day. Have you ever watched the miraculous effects a bus driver with a sense of humor can have on a group of disgruntled travelers?

And often we take that smile or sense of humor and transfer it to the next person by holding a door open, listening more patiently, encouraging another. Sometimes we see the next person visible relax and pass it on…

Realize today that you have the power to change the world. How you flap your wings makes a difference. Add a touch of gentleness and joy to everything you do today. Follow your dreams, use your gifts, be yourself. Consciously create the world.


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