indexl“As the soil renews itself during the winter time, so, when the mind is allowed to be quiet, it renews itself.”

                                    ~ J. Krishnamurti


Transitions. Times when we move from one job, home, life to another. Times when we change the way we think, dress, live. Times when our lives may turn upside down or time may stop. Sometimes transitions are small like those that move us from home to work and back again. Other times they are major involving life and death, endings and beginnings, one door closing …

During a transition life sometimes speeds up, gets chaotic, out of control. But somewhere in the process things slow down. Often, regardless how well we handled the busyness it is this quiet time that undoes us.

During the slow down instead of enjoying it and using it to regroup we often try harder, do more, attempt to turn the tide – as if nature didn’t have a plan. We think we have to do, do do, and the idea of just being can be totally alien and sometimes frightening to us. It’s kind of like running on a treadmill on a cruise ship and thinking it got you to port faster. Then when you got to port having no energy to see the sights because you’re exhausted from having run all that way …

Are you in a time of transition? Is life showing you a new direction? Treasure your quiet time. Take time to listen to your soul. Consider using the time to rest, reflect and renew yourself for the next part of the journey. Give yourself the gift of arriving refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

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