What Blocks Your Dreams?

il_214x170.721662223_pqsi“Beliefs create realities”
~ Michael Cavallaro

I worked with someone recently who told me she had read all the books, attended the workshops, did the affirmations and vision boards, worked towards her dreams and nothing materialized. She had the talents and abilities, the willingness to do what it took but it didn’t work. She felt like a failure.

As we talked we came to a pivotall question: “What would happen if you got what you wanted?” The question brought tears to her eyes as she remembered a childhood incident. “When I get what I want,” she said quietly, “It gets taken away from me and that hurts.”

What we realized in that moment was that she had always been successful. Successful in proving her underlying belief, “Getting what I want hurts so it’s better not to get it.” So though she worked hard and by all outer standards her dreams should have been hers, she had spent her life successfully dodging what she really wanted and labeling herself as a failure.

Underlying beliefs aren’t always easy to find and dislodge by yourself but you can begin by looking at patterns that repeat over and over again in your life, patterns that you don’t want to repeat. Write them down. Go back in your memory as far as you can and when you get to the earliest one see if you can find a beliefs that you formed about how life worked or a promise you made to yourself from the viewpoint of your child self. Ask yourself if it’s still true and if not CHOOSE to give up the belief and begin to consciously live differently.

Share your thoughts, comments and ideas or where your stuck here or on   Conscious Living Facebook  (lots of quotes here to comment on). Let me know if you’d be interested in a workshop on this topic. Hearing the stories and beliefs of others often taps into long forgotten beliefs we hold as well. Love to hear from you!

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