What If

“The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.”
~Antoine de Saint Exupery



What if?


Sometimes when I look over my life I see those who were most difficult were sometimes my best teachers.  It started me wondering: What if all those who come into our lives are here to serve us in our growth?

Children in the classroom showing up to grow the teacher.
The difficult boss showing up to grow us in finding new solutions.
The uncooperative spouse to grow us in learning about ourselves.
Mothers showing up to force us into defending and being our best selves.
Our children who aren’t the way we think they’re ‘supposed to be, teaching us flexibility and showing us new possibilities.

What if the rude sales clerk is just an actor in our play sent to let us experience patience and unconditional love? What if the impossible customer is here to push us to new levels of creativity?

We know that having a worthy opponent in sports makes us stronger. Why not in life?

What if at the end of this life you found yourself sitting before a stage in a theater and all those difficult people in your life appeared on the stage, took off their masks and bowed. And what if when you looked in their eyes what you saw was the love of those who loved you so much they were willing to be difficult in your life so you could learn love and patience and how to follow your heart. What if?

What if you lived your life as if this was true?
Would it change how you reacted?
The paths you chose?
The feelings you had?
Would it change you?

What if you tried it just for today?
What if?


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