What’s Bothering You?

When I first heard the Concept, “Anything that’s bothering you is your issue” I was annoyed. I was sure that what bothered me was about the other person and if only they would change my life would be easier!

Slowly, very slowly, I began to see that I was doing what they were doing somewhere in my life and when I change it in my life “magic” happened and they either stopped doing it or it stopped bothering me. At first I used this new tool just to make this magic happen, just to make it stop bothering me.

Lately I’ve reached another level of understanding about that Concept. I’ve begun to believe that what’s bothering me in someone else is actually a message from my inner self that this is what I need to change in order to have the life I want. If complaining bothers me, where am I doing it? If not outwardly, how about in my head? If the coldness and lack of love in the world bothers me, where am I cold and lacking love? To others? To my environment? To myself?

This level is much more gentle. I don’t judge the messengers (or shoot them!), I judge myself less (come on, it’s a process!), and I hear the message easier (maybe because without judgment I have less resistance, duh!).

Do you notice the same thing? Or maybe you have something that bothers you that you can’t figure out where you do it. Living Concept’s Facebook Page is a great place to share it and learn something about yourself! Love to hear your comments!

(also published in the ebook “Living the 55 Concepts.” 55 Concepts Book and Audio available at LivingConcepts1.com)

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