When I love myself…

A view of Sprogels Run, my backyard

Here’s my list so far. Looking forward to yours!

What is different in my life when I love and cherished myself just as I am?
I would catch and stop self criticism quicker,
I would appreciate myself more
expand community of like minded people
invest in getting to know a couple interesting people I’ve met
enjoy eating more greens

When I love and cherish myself I:
am more present,
turn off mind chatter when I notice it,
notice it more often,
set up appropriate boundaries
am kinder to myself and others

Loving and cherishing myself, the qualities I bring into my life are:

Some things I add to my life when I truly love and accept myself just as I am:
more time in nature
visit  beautiful parks & gardens

more travel
read more Rilke and Rumi

Some things I subtract from my life when I love and accept myself just as I am:
toxic cleaning products

toxic thinking
some sugar


3 thoughts on “When I love myself…

  1. Yes, Chris & Mary! How beautiful! And I set myself free to be who I am, to bring out my gifts, to come from my joy.

  2. When I love myself, I am able to act and speak in a genuine manner. Fear of others disapproval is diminshed because I am OK without their support and approval.

  3. What is different in my life when I love and cherish myself just as I am is that I do not look for anyone’s approval. I just am content to be myself. There is absolutely no criticism of myself. It is an incredible space to be in.

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