Where’s the Joy?



“I find it fascinating that more and more science is telling us how good joy is for the body, psychologists are telling us how good it is for the mind, and spiritual messages talk about joy and how good it is for us and the earth. I find myself in a sense of wonder when I think that maybe it is one of the purposes we came to this earth for…”
~ Notes from Nancy Newsletter, July 2007


Yesterday was one of those beautiful overcast fall days. A favorite garden center had a sale on perenials that I couldn’t resist and I spent the day happilly planting and moving plants. It’s something I love to do and the feeling I have when I am doing it spreads to other areas of my life.

In joy time stops. We become present in the moment, aware of life. Though we are focused, our love of life expands. Our joy comes from the inside, from creating or connecting with something. In joy there is nothing we are wanting, nowhere we want to be. We just are and it is enough.

When we get in touch with our joy we reconnect to the feeling we want through out our life and we see more easily what is in disharmony with that feeling, allowing us to look at those things and change them.

Take some time today doing what brings you joy; feeling joy, sharing joy, delighting in joy. Look at what it would take to put more joy in your life. It’s not necessarily the big things; it may be the scenic route to work, a favorite story you read as you snuggle with a child, a chair by a window that’s perfect for watching the sun rise or set. It may be massaging a friend’s shoulders or having them massage yours, having flowers on the table, stopping to watch a butterfly. Whatever it is begin now.

How would your life be different if you believed your purpose in this life was joy? Are you feeling joy right now? Where is it you allow yourself to experience joy? What are the things you put your heart into? Where does time disappear? What stands in the way of you experiencing joy?

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