You Must Feel to Heal

You must feel to heal – connect the head and heart
1aI remember being a very young child and hearing my parents fight. It scared me and I didn’t know what to do. I stuffed my feelings of fear, insecurity, wondering if they still loved me, and what would happen to me if they left…

I kept the habit of stuffing my feelings as an adult. Told myself they weren’t practical; I couldn’t do anything about them anyway. I thought I was just ignoring them and they were going away. Little did I know I was stuffing them into a very small place within where ulcers, tumors, migraines, depression and heart attacks were birthed.

But what do I do with feelings I don’t like????

When I worked with an I AM facilitator the first thing I learned to do was to bring those feelings to the surface and actually feel them. No, they didn’t feel good, but they weren’t as awful as I thought they were either, and it took a lot less energy to feel them than I had spent during my life fighting them off. I also learned that feeling them didn’t mean I had to do anything about them. I could feel, angry, sad, scared, and desperate and just let the feeling come and go without taking action. (The Concept ‘Be an observer, not a judge’ helped with this one).

Once I had them where I could see them I could begin to ask other questions. Were they ‘Logical, reasonable and rational’ (another Concept)? Where did they come from? How did they start? What beliefs did I have that kept me attached to them? Did I want to keep them?

1aaThrough these beginnings and working with an I AM facilitator who used these Concepts as a foundation for clearing beliefs and feelings that no longer served me I stopped stuffing my feelings. As I became more willing to feel all my feelings and release the ones that didn’t work for me I found my life changing. It got easier, freer, I liked myself more. I found that by feeling my feelings rather than stuffing them I became more whole and unafraid to face all that life had to offer – what joy!


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