You’ll See It When You Believe It

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from The 55 Concepts, A Guide to Conscious Living by Michael Cavallaro

from The 55 Concepts, A Guide to Conscious Living by Michael Cavallaro

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright


‘ve lived in the house for 8 years, and though I love the house and the neighborhood, every time gardens were brought up in a conversation you could hear me sigh deeply and moan about how my yard had too much shade and too many maple trees to ever have a garden.

But one year something shifted for me and from the depths of my being came a yearning for a garden and a decision to have one. Ignoring the “facts” and walking my yard I noticed where the sun peeked through at various times of the day, I noticed the rich soil where I had thrown leaves to rot a few years ago, I remembered the successful shade garden I had in Annapolis.

I joined a volunteer group I had heard about years ago at the Cathedral where we weed beautiful gardens and takes home “extras” while enjoying conversations on how to grow a garden and advice on what to plant where. I started my garden.

What fun! How much I have missed over those 8 years! Why? Because I could only see what I believed and I believed I couldn’t have a garden.

Where have you limited what you could have by what you choose to believe? Where have you closed your eyes and your heart to what could be by telling yourself it couldn’t be? We think we see reality but really each of us decide what reality is and then selectively choose to see only that. We see what proves us right and ignore what doesn’t.

Don’t you know someone who can only see the negative in situations? And perhaps someone who only sees the good in the same situation? Someone who manages to always be cheated or have bad breaks and someone who seems to avoid such misfortune? A mother who is blind to what her child does because it doesn’t fit her beliefs?

If you really understand that you see what you believe you have a new and most powerful tool. Belief. Believe in what you want and make it so. What would be different if you didn’t believe you were restricted? What would change in your life if the things you thought were stopping you were removed? Where have you restricted your life telling yourself you can’t? What would be different if you could?

Start small or big. Start with whatever you can believe in. Look at possibilities, at “what if’s?” Play with what would be true if you had different beliefs. If you didn’t believe what you believe. Life will become different for you. I’d love to hear what happens, and if you send it I promise to read it – as soon as I come in from my garden.



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