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mm“What we see in the outer is but a reflection of the inner, because we surround ourselves with a picture of our own beliefs. In other words, we manifest in general what we seriously think and believe. So if we want to find out what our habitual thinking is like, we have but to look around us and ask ourselves what we really see.”
~ Emmet Fox


Life is A Projection of Your Beliefs

How are you seeing the world right now? Do you see fear? Scarcity? Chaos? Many do. Yet there are those who don’t; those who don’t buy in to what they hear on the news or see on the Internet. You can find groups of people who have chosen not to participate in the current economic panic. They’re living their life without fear, without scarcity and without chaos. They are enjoying their lives and moving through their days without talking about the factories that are closing, the jobs being lost and the real estate market. How do they do it?

Life is a projection of our beliefs. What we believe is what we see. If we believe that life is about fear, scarcity and chaos, then we not only see it everywhere, but we also project it so it continues. We talk about it, worry about, lose sleep over it. We do everything possible to keep it in front of us so we can keep attracting more of it.

Scientists at Rush University in Chicago discovered that the biggest impact on wellbeing came not from the situation people were in, but from people’s own perception of their situation. Participants who said they felt lonely were 86% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who didn’t, regardless of the actual size of their social network.

Want to change? You can begin with something as simple as stopping your complaining (I said simple, not easy!) and move on to examining your beliefs so you can start to change them.


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