10 Step Recipe to Change Your Life


  1. Recognize– what is going on or you want to change on and acknowledge it to yourself. You may also write what is going on this will help ground the experience into a conscious reality.
  2. Do not judge it– do not judge what you have recognized because once you judge it you are again tied to it as a reality that you cannot change. After recognizing it and not judging it now decide on preference. What you would prefer to experience or not prefer to experience.
  3. Make a choice– now is the time to choose what you want after you have decided on a preference. Choice here is making a commitment to yourself and actually taking action on the direction you have.
  4. Take action- taking action in this case is to remove yourself from locations or environments that perpetuate the old way of being. Taking action also includes specifically changing your behaviors and changing your thought processes in order to support your new direction Next is the place yourself into new situations and environments for experimentation of the new direction you’re headed.
  5. Do not judge- by this step the temptation to go back to judging your experiences and all of the steps up to this point is often quite tempting. If you find yourself going back to judgment remember step two and go through steps three and four once again, at least in your mind.
  6. Do not take no for an answer- if you start to think thoughts like, “no I can’t do this, this is not going to work, this is impossible” etc. At this stage doubt often creeps in. When you get begin to hear no in your own head or feelings of doubt change the words no and doubt to the word how. “How do I do this, how do I make this work, how do I find an answer to this, what steps can I take” should be your new way of thinking.
  7. Continue taking action- at this point begin to consciously put yourself into situations and new experiences in order to practice and develop new skills that will support the direction you have chosen.
  8. Get answers- become a solution finder. Get answers to questions or doubts from any and all of your new experiences or situations. Find ways to develop new skills to assist you in freely transitioning from the old way to your new experiences.
  9. Practice the new skills- experiment with the new skills that you are learning are having difficulties with. Get comfortable with them and adjust them to your own personality in your own style.
  10. Take time to love yourself- care enough about yourself to continue on your chosen journey. Learn to enjoy, embrace, love, care about and unconditionally accept yourself, who you are and your new life free from those old limitations.

If you follow this simple 10 step recipe to change your life, you will find life begin to change quickly. Remember however that thoughts, beliefs, knowings and attitudes must be addressed as well!


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