Ripples through the World



“Most of us would like to end out lives feeling both that we had a good time
and that we left the world a little better than we found it.”
~Philip Slater


Have you noticed all the restaurants that are advertising “Low carbs”? There are low carb
dishes, low carb menus, low carb specials. Seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the move towards “less sugar.” What really impressed me was
the Fruit Loops commercial that said “We’re listening! Fruit Loops with 1/3 less sugar!”
(I don’t watch much television so commercials really fascinate me). Fruit Loops! Amazing!

So often we go through life thinking we don’t affect much, thinking that what we do doesn’t
matter. Yet as I look at the world today I realize we talk with our actions, and there’s
always someone who would like to influence us who is listening.

As I think about this I think about other areas we could affect. What if we stopped buying
violent video games for our kids? (“We heard you! The new version of Adventure Games 1/3
less violence!” Can you imagine it?)

What if we decided to vote only for those who stuck to the issues and didn’t use tearing down
their opponent as their only platform. (“We’re listening! This campaign promises 1/3 less
opponent bashing!”)

What about the small things we affect? Ever had someone’s smile or kind word make your day?
Someone’s holding the door open make you feel cared for? An encouraging word inspired you?
So many ways we affect our world each day!

We never know how what we do can ripple out. What things can you think of?

We hear you!
1/3 less war!
1/3 less pollution!
1/3 less starvation!

What ways do you affect the world? What ways do you choose to affect the world from now on?
Gandhi said: “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” What change do you want
to see? Today’s a great day to start.

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