Trust Yourself

“Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.”
                                            ~ ~ Goethe, Faust

Do you trust yourself? I mean really trust yourself. If you trust something you listen to it respectfully, check inside, and follow it if it fits. Do you trust yourself?

Do you listen and act on the messages from your inner self? You know, the ones that say “I need to take a break,” “That’s enough for today,” “Rest a little,” “This isn’t a healthy relationship,” “It’s time to get a checkup,” “This food isn’t good for me,” “This behavior is destructive.”

Most of us want to hear the voice of our intuition more clearly; and yet when we get messages on everyday things we tend to ignore them or argue with them; “Just a little longer,” “Just this time,” “I have to finish first,” “I’ll only have one more,” “I won’t gossip/stretch the truth/lie again, but I have to just this one more time.” We continually discount or turn off our message system until it’s like the papers on our desk, hidden under so many layers that we can’t find it when we need it – and we forget that it’s even there.

And after we’ve ignored it day after day, year after year, we cry: “If only I knew what to do!” “If only I knew what direction to move my life in!” and we try to listen to what’s inside but we hear only silence.

Trusting yourself is a process. It is nurturing a relationship with your own true self. It is listening to the messages you get and acting on them – the small ones. It is working up from the small ones to the big ones. If you’ve been ignoring all the small ones and suddenly believe your intuition is telling you to dump your job – it’s probably not your intuition.

Start today to cultivate a relationship of trust with your inner self. What’s it telling you right now?

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